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Richard Harrington's premier mentoring group The Next Billionaire Mastermind
is only open to 12 HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) and takes you through all the strategies
and tactics that has set Richard Harrington completely free from Victim consciousness and into Abundance Consciousness.
The Next Billionaire Mastermind group is your direct shortcut to leveraging over 11 years
that Richard Harrington has been living this life of Abundance after becoming financial free at the Age of 24.
This is the closest you will ever get to working with Richard for an entire year
as you will get 2 hour virtual LIVE group coaching at the beginning of every month in 2024! 
And and exclusive opportunity to be on the HOT SEAT!
Action Guides, timelines, templates and checklists to help keep you on track throughout your journey to ABUNDANCE. 
Additional training on how to go beyond just financial freedom,
to creating an entire life based on complete freedom- living a life that you love- we call it the #richlife. 

Most Importantly you get exclusive Access to a Network of Highly Successful Individuals who prioritize their growth. That means business opportunities, friendships with very rare individuals and the opportunity to be supported by (and support) a very powerful network of people.

“You want to associate with people who are the kind of person you'd like to be. You'll move in that direction.”

- Warren Buffett, Investor and Philanthropist (Net Worth $100 Billion Dollars) 

This is what you get when you join The Next Billionaire Mastermind Group

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One year of private group mentoring [a monthly private group mentoring session with Richard Harrington for 10 months]. These LIVE calls will take place over 2023, and will be recorded so you can access them in case you have missed one. 
Transcripts of all the calls (perfect if you're like to read more than watch videos). Audio-only files of all the calls (if you would rather listen instead of watching the videos – great while you're driving or taking a walk). This is your opportunity to get live, personal support all year PERSONALLY with Richard Harrington in a small group setting (max 30 people).The live group coaching happen every month. You also get to hear your fellow NBM members questions and answers – always helpful for your own financial freedom journeyValue: $10,000 USD


The 12 modules walk you through the 12 Abundance Blocks and YOU can remove them once and for all!

One year of access to The Next-Billionaire Mastermind world-class online training 12 month curriculum; specifically engineered to accelerate your installation of Richard Harrington's proven tactics, protocols and life models to activate high success. Value $7,850 USD


Every month one member will get an opportunity to be on the Hot Seat! 

Finally you get access and feedback from like minded individuals. And you can bounce your ideas and get feedback from people who are actually successful.   Value $7,850 USD



AND IT'S 100% LIVE!!



Richard Harrington will be personally guiding you through a Live Guided Visualisation session, Abundance Meditation session and his famous Abundance Affirmation session! And then the final hour Richard will take you through his journalling process STEP BY STEP!  Value $7,850 USD

Happening on the 1st of next month!!!


Did you know all geniuses kept a journal?

Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci,

they all journaled. Get the exact strategy on how Richard journaled to one million dollars.This is your GAPE PLAN to HOW you will manifest your vision!


Value $1999 USD


Do you know that rich doesn't mean money? Rich means full supply. Full supply of energy, health, love and yes, money.

This is the blueprint to living a life beyond financial freedom, complete freedom

Value $1999

Plus you get these Fast Action Bonuses as a member of 
The Next Billionaire Mastermind Group


The Quality of our life depends on the Quality of the Questions we are living in! This is Richard's DAILY Empowering Questions so that you can START everyday STRONG!  

Value $1999


The Power of the Spoken Word. Start each day by speaking life into each day. This is Richard's DAILY Abundance Affirmations so that you can START everyday STRONG!  

Value $1999

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Exclusive Access to a Network of Highly Successful Individuals who prioritize their growth. That means business opportunities, friendships with very rare individuals and the opportunity to be supported by (and support) a very powerful network of people. On those days when we don't believe in yourself, you can really  benefit from other people believing in you! 


Value - what would this network be worth to you?

Total Value of The Next Billionaire Mastermind $31 845

 Tuition of The Next Billionaire Mastermind $10 000


Do you want these success stories below to be your NEW story? 

" The Mastermind course is a fantastic way to put yourself in a group of like minded people who are after their Freedom."


I have been on this journey of learning and growing for almost 3 years now. It was so refreshing when I started in your Inner Circle. A lot of what you had to say and where you had come from, was very relevant to me. It has been very challenging for me to find and surround myself with people who are also growing and pushing their boundaries, due to my location. This platform of the Mastermind Course that you offered Richard, is brilliant. I have managed to meet people from all over the world, as well as you, through your course. 


The monthly time with the group on different topics, to keep us focused, was exactly what I required. Time, where we could ask questions, motivate one another and keep each other informed, as well as give support. I found that with my daily schedule, life can get very busy, and with a monthly group meeting this allows us to set aside the time to realign ourselves with our goals. 


The advice and topics that you cover are extremely relevant. I also enjoyed all the financial knowledge that you covered, as I have been trying to understand a lot of the world at the moment, and all its changes, and this has been rather daunting. 


Thank you for creating the Mastermind Group. It has been an incredible few months, with such amazing people. 


Looking forward to the next Mastermind. 



Sue Marais

Richard Harrington featured in Forbes Magazine
with this all time #1mentor, Warren Buffett

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